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Will I lose my dignity?

Will someone care?

9 August 1987
Hey wow, a friends-only journal. If you want me to add you, just comment on one of my less than plentiful public entries.

If you are a prejudice bastard, this isn't the journal for you. I am a Native American lesbian with no definite religious beliefs.

I have some pictures of me in my entries from time to time, so I won't go into what I look like.

I read a hell of a lot, so I'm quite creative and imaginative. My books are in the top 5 list of my most prized posessions along with my coffee pot and box of "naughty toys". I hope one day I'll be a famous author. I swear, I'll be famous. More famous than any other graduate of John A. Gupton College...well I'm not a graduate yet. But I will be and then I'll be the best mortician in the world. Better than any man in the field.

I'm a feminist; I border on an eating disorder 90% of the time even though I'm mean to people who have them; I like granola; I have tattoos; I would sell my left kidney to learn to let myself be happy; and deep down inside, I'll always be a little goth kid (though I'll never admit it verbally).

Oh, and I like stuff. Vague, but that's the point.


Being a Leo is love.

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